Mike graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2009, having completed his MChem under the supervision of Prof. Antony Ryan, focusing on the synthesis of pH-responsive polymeric bilayers via ATRP.  He then joined Prof. Andrew Dove’s group at the University of Warwick to undertake his PhD research, this work focused on the synthesis and ring-opening polymerisation of readily functionalised chiral O-carboxyanydrides and cyclic carbonates derived from renewable resources.  After completing his PhD in 2013, Mike took up a postdoctoral research position with Prof. Andrew Cooper at the University of Liverpool, working on a BP-funded project investigating the use of stimuli-responsive polymeric materials in supercritical carbon dioxide, in order to enhance oil recovery processes.  He has since worked on industrially relevant projects with Dr. Tom Hasell in partnership with Unilever and BlueAir.  Mike joined the Jones Lab in September 2018 and is focusing on the synthesis and development of antiviral polymers, and their use in the development of a point-of-care viral assay.